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Just the Bozz Dog

Photos of my service dog Bozzley

Just the Bozz Dog

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More zombie dachshund, because that never gets old

Granny bozz says 'stop yackin I'm napping'

Let me help you with the laundry daddy, I will hold these down to keep them from escaping

Zombie bozz strikes again. ..or rather snoozes again

I don't understand this novel at all

Hoe could anyone ever stay mad at this

went to go give the dog a hug on the couch and found him like this...backed away and quietly got the camera

My laundry, get your own

Doesn't he look all alert

Throw it! Throw it! !

I think dad's hoody is a bit big on ya kiddo

A couple of the little things that help get us through the rough spots :3

Walked in and found bozz seated as though he was reading blaine's book the other night.

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zombie dog wants your brainses

you know its late fall/early winter season when you find the bozz by the electric fire

found him on the couch like this the other day

i turned around the other day to see him sleeping on the couch like this

i was cooking bacon, he sat there like this the whole time