This is her Self harm jar: Each time somebody re-pins this she'll put ur name or ur @ name in the jar, each time she feels the need to cut or self harm she'll pull a name out, remember that person and not cut, PIN THIS TO UR MOST POPULAR BOARD TO KEEP THIS GIRL FROM SELF HARMING AND KEEPING HER STRONG!<-- cmon guys!!! Not sure if this is real but just in case it is.

self harm jar: when anyone pins this picture I will add your name into the jar. Every time I feel the urge to cut I will pull out a name and message you thanking you for keeping me strong.>>>>>this isn't for me,it's for another girl

I'm not reposting because of the biggots that day I have to because I don't. Fuck you. I'm reposting because this is serious

It is depressing that people still ignore stuff like this.

This boy was bullied for liking My Little Pony. He tried to kill himself and is now in a coma. REPIN for him.<<I feel awful for him :'(

Please pray for 11 year old Michael Marones who was bullied and taunted for liking My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He tried to commit suicide and now is in a coma. Please pray and take the time to read his story.>>>I like my little pony ❤️

I don't know what board to put this in so I choose this one. I wanted to re pin this though!

This is not a fandom thing but people really need to read this! I hate bullying, totally against it! instead we should be making people smile, giving them hugs ♡

please stop bullying

to all those bullies out there < you know who you are> why do you even bully? Well you're not going to gain anything from bullying so stop it. Like and resin if you are against bullying.

I care♡

I care Anthony:)<<< i care boy directioners seem awesome so r u anthony!

Truly a disgusting part of history! We must learn from the monstrosity that was to make for a better and peaceful future--KE


This reminds me of when Ma is making the stew and all of the children come around looking for food. " All the children looked self-consciously at their feet.

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