Can nature come up with colors like those?

Beautiful Color Scheme in a dreamy picture: blue and pink colors, soft Pretty park scene: pink blooms on the tree and the ground, blue sky in a dream-like fog and a lone park bench


Forced Perspective

Create your own bokeh

cute Behind the scenes - setup for newborn photography shoot. newborn heart photo lens trick Newborn camera settings - good tip.

Bokod, Hungary

Bokod, Hungary [I'd like to look-see, but no way would I walk on those jetties! Too scary! If I can see what's below me through stairs, bridges etc. I can't walk up or across!

Quick, easy & super HEALTHY Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Almond-Covered Popsicles.

Quick, easy & super HEALTHY recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter & Almond-Covered Banana Popsicles. Obviously for my hubby, I hate bananas and chocolate. Shoot, I hate bananas, lol

Penguin Couple In Love

This is a rare photograph of two penguins holding hands. Very cute and fascinating photo. This is a real penguin not .

TOO HAPPY :> @Tiffany Ong

Discover the original Smiley brand, originator of the Smiley face, creator of the first emoticons the number one place for Smiley faces and happy products.

listen to ur heartbeat

Let your heart guide you, but listen closely because it whispers. ~Land BeforeTime♥ via Earthschool Harmony

The National Geographic transformed the balloon house from the Disney movie 'Up' into a real life spectacle.

National Geographic transformed the balloon house from the movie "Up" into a real life spectacle!