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Help your little party goers wash their hands. Make a sink extension from a suave shampoo bottle for your Green the Game bash with UnileverUSA #sponsored

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Who knew - add 1/2 tsp baking soda to the water when hard boiling eggs and the shell will come right off when you peel. This site has instructions for the perfect boiled egg.

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How to update your vents for cheap with spray paint for-the-house

Hair Tips for the DIY Girl: Easy French Twist Updo Bun Tutorial


20 alternative uses for eggshells - so cool! I was just thinking today what a shame it was that I had to through out egg shells after baking! now I have somethings to use and save them for!

Me and my shadow: 20 Alternative uses for egg shells


Great idea! Put Febreze car deodorant clips on your vents. Makes any room smell great!

Make Any Room Smell Amazing


Use a tension rod to get bottles off the cabinet floor, making room for other things.

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Easy frozen yogurt pops

The Easiest Frozen Yogurt Pops Ever! - One Good Thing by Jillee


We've all been doing this wrong..fitted sheet, not a flat one!

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Get an extra fitted sheet and cover the box spring rather than have a bed skirt.

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Take out the rod and put in Hooks. This way the coats will get hung up.

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Holiday Hack #1 Use 2 different bulb sizes to make your tree look magical. #christmaslights #christmasdecor #christmastree

8 Awesome Holiday Hacks - Vintage Revivals


The Craft Patch: Pinterest Tested: Faucet Extender thecraftpatch.blo...

Pinterest Tested: Faucet Extender


DIY air purifier

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Snowman Glove Dryer - tutorial! It sits on a floor vent and directs heat through to dry gloves and boots

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Vicks vapor rub in my candle warmer,works wonders!

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cut an old sweater sleeve and use as sock look-a-like without the bunchy-ness in your boot. Love this idea :)

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Instantly hang a second panel behind existing curtains using a bungee cord!... WHAT!?! GENIUS! would also work great for temporarily hanging holiday/party lights & decorations infront of your windows

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Put the string of your hoodie back into the hood by threading it through a straw. Buzzfeed List of useful clothing hacks.

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Great way to organize gift wrap!!

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lampshade over standard light fixture,,, What a smart and affordable

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Cake stand for your sink soaps and scrubs. So much cuter than just putting this stuff behind the faucet.

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Paint your fan blades in primary #colors

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Each member of the family has a mesh lingerie laundry bag, and a hook. They put their dirty socks and underwear in the bag each night. On laundry day, you wash the whole mesh zipped up bag, and give it back! No more sorting through and figuring out which socks are for which person. (Then, deliver to their room and let them fold!)...not a bad idea!

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Pack n Play Ball Pit: Easy! #Toys #Ball_Pit

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Useful tips!

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