Free printable budget worksheet - Monthly Bill Payment Checklist. Helps you easily track your money and bills paid!

Monthly Bill Payment Checklist

Helps you easily track your money and bills paid! This simple spreadsheet is a perfect overview of your monthly bill payments and can help you more easily manage your account balances.


Get rid of chain mail! Any chain mail u see repost it but with the hashtag so people will hopefully stop

I wish it never existed but sadly it does plz find a cure and again we have a heart we just don't need a post to prove we give support

I hate cancer and I hope that people don't joke about it and that they find a cure soon

I miss Talia.....but the truth is that , all ppl do have real hearts, just some ppl don't want this kind of stuff on their boards. And it's totally understandable.

I know all of you have a heart. Even the ones that don't repost. Please everyone just pray for ppl with cancer because it's honestly so sad. Please repost, but if you don't you still have a real heart. EVERYONE has a real heart.

Not posting for the "see what happens next" just reposting cuz God comes first

All right, listen up, everyone. I am NOT reposting this for the "watch what happens." I am reposting because I want the world to know God comes first. Ya, me too :) But Jesus would be smiling at us in love or love and concern. I love you Jesus :)

I hate these but I really wanna see one of my old friends

lets see if it works:) comment if it does! I hope it works.god,let it be.

Stop bullying people. It's ridiculous I mean she is so beautiful and probably very nice. Bullies please stop. If you r bullied keep ur chin up and if u need ANYONE to talk to then you can talk to me. I'm always here for anyone :) love you!! ☺❤❤

From STOP Bullying project. Glasses are nothing to be bullied about. Stop bullying! I wear glasses. Embrace it sweetie. If one day you don't wear glasses, don't forget about them.

What about a 15 year old wishing they could see there Mom but they can’t because suicide took her mom from her. When she’s sick of boys and wishes her mom was there to talk to. I’d do anything to see my mom don’t take yours for granted.

I'm not reposting this because "One girl didn't and her mom died 1 year later" I'm reposting this because I actually LOVE my mom.>>>I love my mom and always will

You people really believe this crap. It's obviously fake. Just because text on your computer, phone etc, says you or your mom or someone else will die, that doesn't make it true, if you don't repost this NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!

I would take a bullet for my mom>>> I would too... but the intruder would already be dead

Why yes i would take a bullet for my mother. *grabs bullet* Here Mom.