18th Century Woman

Embroidery. Singing. Poetry. Dancing. The 18th Century Woman was a fascinating creature who was expected to master many talents, all while wearing paniers and a towering powdered wig! To learn more about 18th Century France, please visit my blog http://leahmariebrownhistoricals.blogspot.com
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Marie-Luisa de Parma as a Bride, 1765 ~ Anton Raphael Mengs. Here, Marie-Luisa, age 13, is shown in her wedding gown which includes diamonds and pearls to highlight her status; the bracelet has a miniature portrait of her soon-to-be husband. She was a granddaughter of Louis XV through his eldest daughter and married her cousin, Charles IV of Spain. [2nd of four pins]

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Every 18th c lady was adept at using her fan for a multitude of purposes. Fan & Robe a la Francaise, 1760s, French, Kyoto Costume Institute.

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British riding habit: 1750-59: Women’s riding outfits, known as ‘riding habits’, of the 18th century adapted elements of men’s dress. This jacket of the 1750s is styled after a man’s coat, although it has been modified with a waist seam to fit over stays and a wide petticoat.

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This pair of elegant women's shoes, from Brussels,1760s, is in kid leather with satin covered heel, is beautifully decorated with a painted design. The pattern on the toe, with its flower, vertical lines and scalloped edges, resembles Brussels bobbin lace. The latchets would have been fastened with a buckle. In 1767 Lady Mary Coke recorded in her diary that she had bought six pairs of painted shoes from a shop in Brussels.

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Box for Rouge and Patches, French (Paris), 1783-84, Varicolored gold. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Read more about this gorgeous box here: http://twonerdyhistorygirls.blogspot.co.nz/2011/06/little-luxuries-gold-box-for-rouge.html

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1760 Perfume étui - "The 18th century saw the proliferation of pocket-sized nécessaires, often called étuis, with miniature items, such as sewing kits, writing kits, and tiny toilettes that included scent vials. A perfume étui contains only bottles for perfume, and sometimes a tiny funnel for decanting."

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