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Things that make me laugh!!!

Things that make me laugh!!!

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Random Pictures Of The Day - 50 Pics

Random Pictures Of The Day - 50 Pics

Funny luggage tags

Flight 001 Talking Dots Luggage Tag Set | SHOPBOP

I don't run...

On an elevator!

What I Put When I Don't Know The Answer...

Hulk Baby

Cutest halloween costume EVER. I cant stand it.

well played student...well played


Can someone please do this in one of my lectures?

willywonka - Oh you hate Southerners, Christians, and republicans? Please do tell me again how open minded and tolerant you are of diverse opinions and beliefs.

So my life right now =]

just tubing with my cat

Rocco and Cooper love Nutella!

Holding doors.


This..... This is awesome.

The Discovery of Pinterest. That's about how it went down for me...

  • Angie Banks
    Angie Banks

    You are such a nerd!!!!

No, really.

ha ha ha

So yesterday I went to Starbucks because I had like four dollars in my wallet and I was thirsty. Anyways, after the lady took my order like usual they ask you what your name is right? Well being me and all in my head I was like “The name Nick is too boring let’s spice this up”. So I told the lady my name was Voldemort in the most calm way I could and for like two minutes she looked at me like I was crazy. So I awkwardly walked away and sat down for like another five minutes or so until my drink came, and when I looked at the name on the cup I couldn’t help but to laugh for the longest time...



every paper I write.