hitching a ride!

Pássaro 'pega carona' em tartaruga em El Salvador


Dia do Meio Ambiente: veja incríveis imagens do nosso planeta

This African elephant had the misfortune of running into a dense flock of red-billed quelea in Kenya. It is the most abundant wild-bird species in the world, and waiting for a huge flock to pass can take a long time. Photograph by Antero Topp, HBW/Rex


Fotógrafo registra raposa 'mergulhar' na neve por presa


Fotógrafo registra 'banquete' de baleias no México

Mealy good: Bryde's whale expels air and water from mouth through baleen plates after swallowing the sardines - A large sardine supper: Giant whale caught on camera swallowing a whole shoal of fish