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If you’ve seen Limitless with Bradley Cooper, or ever had caffeine, you already know about nootropics. They’re a group of smart drugs that could boost brainpower, focus, motivation, and memory — and they could be the key to maximizing your workouts.

What The Heck Are Nootropics, And Could They Unlock Cognitive Function, Clarity, And Motivation?

Want to compare apples and oranges (or bacon and anything) side-by-side? This sneaky Google food hack can do just that in approximately 2 seconds — and it’s been hiding under your fingers for the past year.

CHALLENGE = growth, especially as far as the ABS go. Push your core into sizzle mode with the 4-Way Stability Ball Grindfest. Try to bang out the entire thing in one circuit — if you can, you're likely an abdominal monster. And if not, keep working your way up until it happens. You'll build a rock-solid core along the way.

[Infographic] This Is How Many Calories Worth Of Coke, Skittles, & Gummy Bears Are In Your Starbucks Drink

Start Marinating Your Steak In BEER, Because Science Says It Fights Cancer [Study]

Do the SUMMERTIME SHRED WORKOUT SHUTTLE to build the beach body YOU want in under 6 weeks. It's designed to melt FAT, build muscle definition, and carve out a flat, defined stomach.

Use this high-powered workout plan to build the ULTIMATE bikini body. It focuses on burning fat, building definition, and sculpting the ABS.

Shoot yourself up with a little liquid, protein-stuffed, ginger-spiced waterfall post-workout — it's GUSHING with 42g protein, iron, calcium, carotenoids, vits/mins, and antioxidants. Oh, it's absolutely delicious and insanely refreshing, too.

We've got *everything* you'd EVER EVER EVER want to know about protein; including a teardown of the top 150 protein powders. Make sure you're using one of our top recos — you'll save a ton of money AND get a better product.

Crazy stuff. If you've ever downloaded/printed a coupon for any General Mills brand, signed up for their newsletter, or "liked" the Cheerios Facebook page, you've just forfeited your right to sue them (or participate in a large class action lawsuit).

“I would love to eat healthier, but it’s insanely expensive,” is an excuse we hear all too often. And that raises an important question: does a healthy diet really cost THAT much more? — Turns out, it doesn’t.

Save The Cash And Cals — 6 Ways To Eat Healthy On a Budget

Why The "Healthy Eating Is Too Expensive" Excuse Isn't Legitimate Anymore (And How To Kick It Out For Good)

This is so accurate.

Rise And Shine (Literally): Soaking Up Morning Rays Could Help Keep Off Weight [Study]

20 awesome motivational pictures to drive your day.

Do our SUMMERTIME SHRED Workout Shuttle to build the best beach body YOU'RE personally capable of. Work your ass off over the next 6 weeks and you'll A) burn off a ton of fat, B) start to build a svelte set of abs, and C) slap on new muscle definition. It's insanely powerful, but only if you put in the work to make it happen.

We’ve pulled together 13 of the top exercises to absolutely thrash the back from top-to-bottom, stimulate fresh new growth, and chisel out defined lats, traps, and everything in between. Perfect for beach season.

Lean It UP just hit 1 MILLION people in a single month! I wanted to send out a huge, ginormous, mammoth, personal THANK YOU to EVERYONE who's crushed one of our workout plans, whipped up a recipe, visited/shared an article, or supported me personally. Every one of you rocks SO HARD. I'm pumped for what's to-come. ^Bryan #LeanItUP

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