Elf donuts... actually cheerios, to leave out with Santa's cookies.

Santa's elves usually are forgotten on Christmas Eve, but this year make Elf Donuts from Cheerios. Now you can leave cookies out for Santa and donuts for the Elves.

These are the funniest ones I've seen.  25 Elf on the Shelf QUICK & EASY ideas.

Sparkle brings an early Christmas gift. Glow sticks for everyone. These are the funniest ones I've seen. 25 Elf on the Shelf QUICK & EASY ideas.

a TON of elf on the shelf ideas!!!!

"Elfie" found his way into our cabinet and hid in a glass like the photo above. Kids loved it but my unwarned mom about had a fit when she opened the cabinet and found him. The glasses in her hand nearly went flying.

Im going to turn the milk green for fun

Elf on the Shelf pictures - Page 40

Has your elf ever turned the milk green or red? What an awesome idea! Not only has the ELF turned the milk colors, but so has the Leprechaun and the Easter Bunny! The kids LOVED it!

the elf could do this

OMG, this is so cute! Wish I had a white fridge to do this on.ok, no I don't want a white fridge but this is so cute!

elf barricade

25 of the BEST Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Elf on the Shelf playing pranks - make child "burst" through door of room. Also good to do Christmas morning to keep them from getting to the gifts too early!

Elf on a Shelf - Caught a cold from traveling back & forth to the North Pole.

Henry the Elf {Day 7

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Elf picking out a Christmas movie to watch

our elf pulled out all of our Christmas movies. 50 Easy and Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas with Pictures - Raining Hot Coupons