Sesame Street birthday party - have guests sign a keepsake book. -Did this with the Dr Seuss Birthday book. I think its a great idea

Sesame Street party: Liam is 2

A guestbook for kids birthday parties. I love the idea - you can do a different book each year based on the theme of the party. What a wonderful keepsake! Especially this Elmo book. Loved it as a kid!

Sesame Street Birthday - food - Abby Cadabby magic wands (chocolate covered pretzel sticks)

Colorful DIY Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Party

sesame-street-birthday-party-games Ernie’s rubber ducky pond, where kids could get a prize that has the same number on the bottom of the duck they pick,

Sesame Street party: Liam is 2!

Sesame Street party: Liam is 2

Sesame Street birthday party - Elmo loves his goldfish, his crayons too! tape paper around pyrex dish then hot glue crayons to the paper

Sesame Street Signs on

LOTS of Elmo party ideas - I liked the Sesame Street signs for everything, food ideas, and the colored Oreos.

diy sesame street birthday party ideas - Google Search

Best Sesame Street cakes and cupcakes

sesame street cakes and cupcakes. Although we are doing an Abby Cadabby/Elmo bday for baby girls bday, I love the size of cake and colorful balls!

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