Jimi Hendrix and his mother

Early Baby Jimi Hendrix IN Jimi Hendrix was born. Named Johnny Allen Hendrix, he was son to James Allen Ross Hendrix and Lucille Jeter:

Jimi and Carmen Borrero, 1968

Jimi and Carmen Borrero.sitting in the stadium where later he'll perform. Carmen is a Puerto Rican model and former playboy bunny.

Jimi Hendrix. °

Jimi Hendrix Source: Planet Caravan Vintage Rock Radio and beyond

Jimi Hendrix at the Miami Pop Festival, 1968

FOXY LADY MIAMI Of the thousands of Hendrix photos that I've seen, my favorite color picture remains Linda Eastman's "split- crotch" shot of Jimi with guitar "implant" on stage in Miami.Photo by Linda Eastman (McCartney)Jimi was inspired …