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Native American pictures

Chief Dewey Beard or Wasu Maza ('Iron Hail', 1858-1955) was Minneconjou Lakota, fought in Battle of Little Big Horn as teenager. After George Armstrong Custer's defeat, Wasu Maza followed Sitting Bull into exile in Canada, then back to So Dakota, where he lived on Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. When he died in 1955, at age of 96, Dewey Beard was last known Lakota survivor of Battle of Little Big Horn, & last know survivor of Wounded Knee Massacre.

Susan La Flesche Picotte broke new ground as the first female Native American to become a doctor. She left the Omaha reservation to earn her medical degree at the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. She returned to the reservation and worked as a physician for her people until 1894.

Alfredo Rodriguez (AMERICAN INDIAN ART) 5

Alfredo Rodriguez American Indian Art

Indian princess, Native American art

Florence Tsianina Evans (aka Tsianina Redfeather, aka Tsianina Blackstone) - Creek/Cherokee - circa 1925 {Note: This was a publicity photo for Tsianina Blackstone, who was an opera singer who toured the country in the early 1900s with an American composer, Charles Cadman. Cadman and Tsianina gave ""Indian Lectures,"" about native culture and history, and performed Cadman's compositions.}

Captain John Benge - Cherokee - 1858

Geronimo at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where he enlisted as an Indian Scout for three years on June 11, 1897. As his enlistment paper shows, he was 63 years old at the time.

Tribal princess. She's beautiful!!

Iron Tail - Oglala - circa 1915 {Note: Sinte Maza (aka Iron Tail) was an Oglala Lakota man who fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. He also performed with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show during the 1890's and with the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show near Ponca City, Oklahoma from 1913 to 1916. He died of pneumonia on 28 May 1916 while traveling by train to South Dakota. He was one of three models for the Indian Head Nickel designed by James Earle Fraser.}

Quanah Parker, Comanche Indian Chief

Charles Spurlock, 1717-1808, married to a Powhatan Indian Princess.

Rose Powhatan is descended from Pamunkey and Tauxenent Indians who lived in Fairfax County, VA. Credit: Dave Harp

Needle Parker (a daughter of Quanah Parker) - Comanche - circa 1899

"Grown men can learn from very little children for the hearts of the little children are pure. Therefore, the Great Spirit may show to them many things which older people miss." -- Chief Black Elk

Pocohontas and her son by John Rolfe, Thomas.

Blue Cloud (Indian name) Herman Arapaho :: Western History

Yellow Calf - Northern Arapaho - 1926

Many of the Native American photographs we enjoy can be credited to Edward Curtis. In the late 1800's and early 1900's, Curtis realized that the traditional Native American lifestyle was coming to an end. He received a grant from J.P. Morgan to travel the country and photograph Native Americans in their traditional lifestyle and culture.

Old Man Spotted Owl, Charles Little Boy - Oglala - 1935