Sensoriel - Matériel Montessori de s'Amuser Autrement

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wooden shapes with different colors and shapes on white background, set of 6 pieces for children's play
memo poids en bois jeu educatif montessori s amuser autrement
a wooden toy with two red circles on it
Mur tactile rouge
a blue and red drawsack bag with some nuts on the ground next to it
Sacs mystère avec sphères
wooden blocks and balls on a white background
Sac stéréognostique
a wooden toy horse with green leaves and grass on it's back, surrounded by toys
Mur tactile la Chenille qui fait des trous
wooden shapes are arranged on a white background
solides geometriques en bois matériel Montessori s'Amuser Autrement
an assortment of wooden toys with red and blue bases
Boite des sons - Matériel Montessori - s'Amuser Autrement
an old suitcase with wheels and handles is shown on a white background in this image
Boite des serrures - naturel
several different colored plastic containers sitting next to each other
Boites des commandes de grammaire
a wooden box with a piece of paper in it and a ruler on the side
Tableau de l'addition - Montessori s'Amuser Autrement
Tableau de l'addition - mathématiques -Montessori s'Amuser Autrement
four placemats with numbers on them and a red box in the middle one
Tables de l'addition - Montessori s'Amuser Autrement
Tables de l'addition - mathématiques - Montessori s'Amuser Autrement
the human skeleton is shown in full view, with all its bones and muscles visible
Le corps humain magnétique
Le corps humain magnétique - Biologie / Botanique - Montesori s'Amuser Autrement
Grand plateau de sable - langage - s'Amuser Autrement Bricolage, Tray, Decorative Tray
Grand plateau de sable - langage - s'Amuser Autrement
small plastic animals in different colors on a white background
24 figurines océan - jeux éducatifs - s'Amuser Autrement
a large group of multicolored confetti on a white background
100 jetons de 5 couleurs - jeux éducatifs - s'Amuser Autrement