5 Rhythms dancing. First rhythm - flowing.

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Sacred Phoenix Heart, from the RUMI Oracle Card deck, by Alana Fairchild, artwork by Rassouli Sacred Phoenix Heart: “Under the cover of blood, love veils many rose ga…

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Journey to Italy with world renowned visionary artist RASSOULI! ~ known throughout the world as a mystic, a visionary and a master painter TWO PAINTING WORKSHOPS: Creative Awakening June 17 & 18 In-Depth Discovery June 20 Each […]

Elegant, feminine and gentle. This is the art of Rassouli.    "RASSOULI is known in the art community as an artist who reflects mysticism and near-eastern spirituality in his paintings and murals through the use of European painting technology. What appears on canvas is a timeless perspective that illuminates the divine creative light through the form of feminine power and beauty."

Priestess Mysteries Events: Queen of the Angels Intuitive Development

Art gallery of Rassouli spiritual arts, surrealism abstract paintings

Spiritual art and mystical paintings by visionary artist Rassouli as exhibited on Avatar Fine Arts.

Alchemy of Love by Rassouli

Oil painting on canvas titled "Alchemy of Love" painted by Rassouli and exhibited at Avatar Fine Arts.

Surrender to the Flow, an abstract painting art by Rassouli

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