how to keep an indoor cat happy and stimulated

Winter means more time indoors. Here are some fun ways to keep an indoor cat happy and stimulated

Cozy autumn cats

ikwt: Cold and rainy days (Felicity Berkleef) Calming sight for when my mind gets frantic.

25 Awesome Geometric Animal Tattoos – Strepik Temporary Tattoos

30 Amazing Black Cat Tattoos in Different Styles - Bet that the first thing that comes to mind when you look at a black cat is a witch or something close in the meaning to a witch. Black cats have become an epitome of …

Cat Bench - christmas card design by Jane Crowther for Bug Art greeting cards.

“This was a Christmas Card designed for 'Bug Art' by artist Jane Crowther 'Cat Bench' cats snow, what's not to like!

Artist unknown

Antique looking painting of a black cat, AKA the stereotypical witch's familiar, and for good reason. ~*~ by Kain White