Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington

United States / Author, musician, editor, professor, yogi, dog lover.
Lee Harrington
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kundalini - Infusion of Being blog

Kundalini energy is the energy of your being, a dormant energy which sits at the base of your spine, specifically in the root chakra. According to Hindu mythology, Kundalini is a serpent goddess who is wrapped around the first chakra. This goddess represe

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Songs of Spine frequencies chart

Running Frequencies for the exact Vertebrae abreast Programs, and it’s amazing all of the benefits you can receive from it.

Self Help Holds with Jin Shin Jyutsu: Self Help for Sciatica Pain with Jin Shin Jyutsu hold

I saw a friend yesterday who has had a sciatic pain for two days. Safety Energy Locks 2 are the key to our own personal chiropractor, so applying the