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French Slang: Speaking the Real French (a major update)

“All the essential of French Slang to speak like French People” If you want to learn the right way and understand what French currently say on the street or on TV, Radio not what you learned in your textbooks, then you should definitely check it out this ebook. 18 topics covered MP3 (pronunciation) included Bonus: A second ebook with more than 200 words used by youngsters for Free (Value: $5) Check it out here:

How to be a Parisian -the fun way

French Vocabulary: 45 Words to Express Your Daily Routine

French Vocabulary: What exactly did you do today? Did you take a shower, go to work, meet friends, go home...? This vocabulary list will tell you how to say all that in French. More vocabulary available on this page Do not hesitate to share and repin.