From Civilization to a Circle of Equals
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Since human beings began writing down their history, civilization has been mostly an exercise by a privileged elite to control everyone else. It is only in recent centuries that we've begun to move beyond civilization to a more evolved circle of equals. (Click "www.leftyparent" at bottom of each blurb to go to my piece on topic)
CONSTRUCTIVE GENERATIONAL CONFLICT BETWEEN MILENNIALS & BOOMERS - As a successful democratic government is marked by a peaceful transfer of power from one elected leadership to the next, a successful egalitarian society is marked by a comfortable transition from one generation to the next, something we are still working out.

So why “lefty parent”? It reflects that creative tension between the politically liberal, left-leaning family and community I grew up in and my own

THE LONG ROAD TO AGENCY - You can look at human history as an ongoing struggle for more and more people outside a small powerful elite to become enfranchised - slaves from masters, serfs from lords, citizenship for white men with property, all white men, black men, women and finally young people.

This Slut Votes: Are Republicans really crazy enough to alienate over half the population.

PATRIARCHY'S BIGGEST FAILURE - World War One was not a "great war", but a jaded exercise of military power by both sides. leading to millions of young men slaughtering each other on the battlefied for no good reason, and subsequent destruction of Western culture's "immune system" leading to subsequent debilitating "illnesses" - Great Depression, Halocaust, WWII, Cold War

In 1914 the nations divided and the huge powers all had navies and major armies. German soldiers heading out.

THE END OF MANAGEMENT - Paralleling Riane Eisler’s calling out of the historic transformation underway from hierarchy to partnership in her book, The Chalice and the Blade, Pink frames a generational transformation challenging the continuing efficacy of the concept of “management of human resources”

In a bit of personal synchronicity, my partner Sally pointed out that the latest edition of the wonderfully positive Ode magazine (which bills itself as a

IT'S THE SYSTEM! - In thinking about history and human development within our history it is critical to think in terms of systems that connect individual people within a social web with conventions and values.  More than a sum of the individuals within, systems perpetuate themselves even as the individuals within the system change.

Social systems have three "nested systems" - individual, group and system and there are 4 components of a "living system;" boundary, processes, nervous system and communication channels.

MY FEMINIST AUNTS - My mom got involved in the women's movement when I was a teen, and developed a close friendship with other women in the movement who became my mentors... thoughtful and powerful women who I later dubbed my "Feminist Aunts"

When I was ten my parents got divorced, my mom got involved in politics and the women’s movement, and in the process made new female friends, several of which

HUNTER-GATHERER WISDOM - From studying remaining hunter-gatherer tribes that still exist today, we are getting a better picture of the loving and egalitarian nature of human society before "civilization".  There is much lost wisdom, particularly about raising children, from that earlier, more egalitarian age, before human society became all about control.

5 Best Stone Age Parenting Practices What traditional societies can teach us about raising our children

SHOT ACROSS MY BOOMER BOW - The younger generation challenging the power and privilege of their elders, tho at times awkward and painful is an important element of challenging privilege and hierarchy generally, even when I fall in the privileged camp!

""The recession didn't gut the prospects of American young people. The Baby Boomers took care of that." Young People in the Recession - The War Against Youth - Esquire

PERPETUATING PATRIARCHY - The system of "Patriarchy" was developed at least 5000 years ago when warlords took over most peaceful human communities of the time and created a system of dominance and control that has perpetuated itself thru hundreds of generations thru what we've come to accept as normal societal practices and assumptions

So how does a 5000 year old system of ranking and hierarchy with men inexorably at the top perpetuate itself through hundreds of generations and never get


Moving Toward an Egalitarian Work Place