From Literacy to Electronic Retribalization

Media philosopher Marshall McLuhan famously argued that the "medium was the message", that profound changes in communication technology causes profound changes in human society. First the invention of writing, then the invention of printing, and more recently electronic media. (Click "www.leftyparent" at bottom of each blurb to go to my piece on topic)
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UNSCHOOLED BY MY ELECTRONIC GREEK CHORUS - Now into the 1960s when I was growing up and the profound role of radio and popular music in conveying important ethical and other cultural messages from an emerging culture moving away from alienation and exploitation to struggling against privilege.

We couldn't have a pajama party without singing and dancing to Diana Ross and the Supremes' songs like "Stop in the Name Of Love". We broke Kim's mom's bed jumping up and down and she didn't even yell at us.

MOVING FROM HIERARCHY TO A CIRCLE OF EQUALS - Perhaps the most fundamental aspect of this return to a more natural and original human society is our slow transition in recent centuries from hierarchies of control to circles of equals instead. This transition is notable in all societal institutions, including family life, tho some institutions, like education, seem to be on the lagging end of this trend.

RH DO MORENO: Qual a regra para se sair bem em uma dinâmica de g.

THE MECHANICAL BRIDE -  McLuhan's look at American society thru its popular media culture in the early 1950s at the nadir of print technology and the dawn of the age of electronic media, from radio to TV and the Internet. The linear visual "folklore" of industrial society on the verge of a profound transformation maybe hinted at in the non-linear presentation of the newspaper front page and its comic section.

The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man by Marshall McLuhan

REINCORPORATING HUNTER-GATHERER WISDOM IN OUR SOCIETY - Most recent evidence from anthropology says that human society was very egalitarian for the first 200K years of our existence and has only been hierarchical for the most recent 5K years. Electronic media may be contributing to "civilization" returning to its more egalitarian roots!

5 Best Stone Age Parenting Practices What traditional societies can teach us about raising our children

BROWSE & YE SHALL FIND - More and more each day I am convinced that the Internet represents a profound new technology that will transform human society and give us the opportunity to make a quantum leap in the evolution of our species. Just as the printing press and movable type helped transform the Medieval world into the Modern world, and catalyzed the Protestant Revolution.

More and more each day I am convinced that the Internet represents a profound new technology that will transform human society and give us the opportunity to

HUMAN BEING 4.0: THE WEB EDITION - One of McLuhan's basic ideas is that our communication technology transforms us, and he calls out thr ee such tech revolutions - writing, printing and electronic media - that can divide human evolution into four distinct phases in tandem with the advent of those profound changes in how we communicate and store our wisdom.

xkcd - Duty Calls - you all know this person (or perhaps you are this person?

MUD WRESTLING WITH MCLUHAN PART 1 - McLuhan's seminal 1969 interview in Playboy magazine, perhaps even better than his written work calling out the role that "media" (communication technology) plays in human lives and the development and transformation of human society.

The artist is always a jump ahead of technology - Marshall McLuhan

THE INTERNET & MY TALE OF TWO CRISES - Looking back on the last 25 years of my life as a parent, it is clear that my own direction and development has been caught up in the development of the Internet, including my own transition from being generally a spectator of change (beyond parenting my own kids) to more of an agent of change (at least in a small way). I owe a debt to the Web, and I want to tell that story…

So why “lefty parent”? It reflects that creative tension between the politically liberal, left-leaning family and community I grew up in and my own

THE ADVENTURES OF AN UNSCHOOLER ON THE VIRTUAL HIGH SEAS - My witness as a parent watching my own kids use the Internet to develop a sense of agency and broader community in ways that I and their mom could never have imagined. Their pursuit of knowledge wisdom done in a much more connected way than when I was young.

Neverwinter Nights art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB - Our son Eric and daughter Emma found a profound landscape for exploration, adventure, and development, beyond the realm of school and “formal” education, on the Internet. Now in the 21st Century, our kids are exploring a “World Wide Web”, as virtual as the experience of the “Wild West” has been to the wannabe cowboys of the 20th Century, and perhaps as profound…

Our son Eric and daughter Emma found a profound landscape for exploration, adventure, and development, beyond the realm of school and “formal” education, on

TALES OF A RETRIBALIZED KNOWLEDGE WORKER IN THE EGALITARIAN INFORMATION AGE - The communication dynamics of my current "knowledge worker" job witness to a new way of doing work relying on electronic media and acoustic connections rather than face-to-face meetings in brick & mortar buildings, contributing to work worlds's transition from "bosses" to a circle of equals…

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RETRIBALIZED BY MY LIFE'S SOUNDTRACK: "DOWNTOWN" - The specific case of how one song heard repeatedly on the radio during a critical time in my youth when my parents divorced that connected me to a greater acoustic "tribe" and gave me a loving voice to encourage me and give me hope for the future.

Downtown - Petula Clark Still love this song.Where all the lights are bright - Downtown. My favorite song when I was two.

MUD WRESTLING WITH MCLUUHAN PART 2 - RETRIBALIZATION - McLuhan's thought on the basic mechanism by which electronic media was transforming human society from the alienation and hierarchical linear orientation of print media to the non-linear more egalitarian return to the tribal collective.

Companies dream of video marketing campaigns that go viral; But not everyone can repeat the success of the Dollar Shave Club, much less PSY.

MUD WRESTLING WITH MCLUHAN PART 3 - YOUTH & EDUCATION - McLuhan's prescient thoughts on how our transition from the primacy of print to electronic media would impact the development of young human beings and the societal institution tasked with managing, even controlling, that development.

Mud Wrestling with McLuhan Part 3 – Youth and Education