Gabby Douglas keeps reminding us that you're never fully dressed without a smile :)

We loved Aly Raisman in this American flag leotard. Shades of Mary Lou Retton.

Team Canada swims synchro. Soccer anyone?

Team Canada shows off their synchro swimming style

From the London 2012 opening ceremony, weird Olympic face dress with Romy and Michele style back brace

Olympic Style: A Look Back At The Best, Worst And Totally Silly (PHOTOS)

London 2012 Olympic Archery: Korean Women's team gets the gold medal in style!


Royal Olympic style

olympic style

The Olympic Parade of Fashions

US Olympic Team in the Opening Ceremony, Seoul 1988. Powder blue sweaters with roses, button-down blouses, red ribbons, white pleated pants... the outfit seems like kind of a miss - but love the glasses!

Canada's first official Olympic team, 1908. Love the maple leafs!

Love these classic swimsuits

Remember when Flo Jo ran? Here she is with sleek hood zooming down the track. But even without hood, hair flying behind her, she was fast. And those nails!!!

Forget the athletes - what will Kate be wearing?

Team Hungary in 2008. Most of these ladies look rather embarassed, don't you think?

Star-spangled Mary Lou Retton - classic.

Team USA 1932. The beret is an interesting(?) touch.

Guess where these guys are from...

Guess where these guys are from...

Guess where these guys are from...

And Spain's bright outfits? Perhaps not austere enough...

France's take on Olympic fashion 2012 - perhaps a little TOO austere?

Time also gives high marks to South Korea's stylish sailor suits.