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Not sure why but I laughed really hard at this! I love the majestic sea flap flap, he booplesnoot, the danger floof and the fart squirrel 😂

This took way too long.

I was so confused at first

I was so confused at first. took me forever to see it right. I laughed so hard at the fact someone had to draw it from a different perspective.

my bed funny quotes quote lol funny quote funny quotes humor

My bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember everything I was supposed to do. Yup every time

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Not a video of how to talk to a giraffe but more video of how to do your make up and stuff

It's true.

My decision making skills closely resemble that of a squirrel when crossing the street. LOL I will never look at a squirrel the same again

All the time.

This is me! I actually will wash half st a time so I cab keep an eye open! Rofl really.the shower scene in 'psycho' has scarred me for life

this made me laugh

Funny Workplace Ecard: Nursing - a profession where 'rolling fatties' means something entirely different .


Quidditch Pong Is A Thing

Funny pictures about Beer pong for awesome people. Oh, and cool pics about Beer pong for awesome people. Also, Beer pong for awesome people.


When something goes wrong in your life, just yell "Plot twist!" and move on. I'm gonna have to yell plot twist a few times a day then