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23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds Birdfeeders are a great way to enjoy wildlife at its best. If you live in an area that has many birds, a couple of strategically placed feeders will allow you to view those pretty birds up close and personal. You don’t necessarily have to go out and buy an expensive birdfeeder though. You can easily make one yourself. Most feeders take just a little time and very little money.

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Oh silly Beatles

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YOU ARE MY WORK - The work I began in you, I am sure to finish. Be confident of this. I love broken vessels; I love picking up the pieces. I am the Potter, and you are My clay. My work in you began before you were born, surely I will finish it. Even now I am preparing you to fulfill it; nothing will be left undone. When you stumbled I was there to pick you up, it was only a small hindrance. When you cried, I dried your eyes, not one tear was wasted.


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365 Happiness Project 2014 – Quote 83 - Boho Weddings™

Almost made me cry. This is the love I want to find in my future spouse and how he loves our kids. I can't wait to meet him.

A Letter From A Father To His Daughter

sorry not sorry

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Except we can, we are.

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amazing way to tell a child the truth about santa. This is awesome beyond words. Who ever wrote this wins at life.

The Sweetest Way to Tell Your Kids the Truth About Santa

See how to turn a piece of cardboard, some strands of rope, and a few pom poms into a beautiful bohemian rug!

How-To: Woven Rug using a Cardboard Loom

The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - Interior Decorating Blog - Decorating on a Budget Blog-make your own detergent and add

Our Favorite Laundry Tips and Tricks

The 5 Love Languages™

Love Language Profile for Couples | The 5 Love Languages®

Come Follow Me Handouts:: How Can I Make My Prayers Meaningful?

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Parks & Rec Pin 6 Pack by JustinsOtakuEmporium on Etsy

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loved the creepy old Asian guy who changed Nick Miller's life

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"he got me an eclair and we made out for awhile and we spent the night together. Then I made breakfast in the morning and we made out some more." "that's like the exact opposite of breaking up. "

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Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben as Wesley and Buttercup from Princess Bride! So Cute!

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Leslie Knope WITH A BINDER

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Ron Swanson and leslie Knope

21 DIY Costumes Adults Can Rock This Halloween - Babble

Jake Johnson is preggers.

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NYC - energizes and exhausts. Read the full interview by our founder Anna Sheffield on our #BBNYCxUO collaboration.

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"If you can't think of anything nice to say you're not thinking hard enough." Kid President

The Freckled School Counselor: We LOVE you, Kid President!!

even in the rain, NYC is beautiful

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the adorableness that is Audrey Hepburn

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I can't wait for fall! Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses, Halloween, sweatshirts and snuggles, rain, colors!!!

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You may be pretty, and you may be talented, but nobody will remember that if you're mean... *need to remember this

The Most Pinterest-Worthy Celebrity Quotes of 2013

how to care for your succulents


Fatihah - Tajwid

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I Learned to Speak Four Languages in a Few Years: Here's How

Basic Arabic

Learn Arabic Vocabulary Words for Greetings, Family, and More!


1000 Life Hacks

Fall air freshener- The Best All-Natural Way to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

The Best All-Natural Way to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Want to fill your life with purpose?

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How to clean a flat iron.

How To Clean Your Flat Iron | One Good Thing by Jillee

Depression Era: when they realized women were using their sacks to make clothes for their children, the mills started using flowered fabric for their sacks. The label was designed to wash out.

Old Photos: Kansas Wheat | Kansas City With The Russian Accent

Significant Otter

Significant Otter | 6DollarShirts

A bully called this guy and his friends "The Fruit Basket", this was what they made their team name for dodgeball. I want this for my team

The fruit basket…


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Weddings | Tammy Hughes Photography

Street Style: 35 Cool Maternity Outfit Ideas #maternity #style

Pregnant Street Style: 35 Cool Outfits to Rock While Expecting

An article about the basic beliefs of the LDS religion.

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Remember this when I move next time. Why didn't I think of this the one million times I've moved

33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier


SKREENED - Ethical Custom Apparel

District 13 citizen poster of Effie in Mockingjay Part 1

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stair rail...above a petite jardin

Kristen Buckingham Interior Design | Portfolio

edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

fuck you very much

Jade Castrino and Alex Ebert

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"I know your lives are busy. I know that you have much to do. But I make you a promise that if you will go to the house of the Lord, you will be blessed; life will be better for you." Gordon B. Hinckley

Finding God in Mormon Temples | Mormon Temples

Don't get discouraged. Things will work out. / Gordon B. Hinckley / Quotes - LDS Living

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