Amalfi Coast, Italy

A look to the Mediterranean Sea from a balcony of a house on the Amalfi Coast, Italy.

The Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps - Photo by David Noton.nothing like the Swiss and their Alps! Favorite people and place

Autumn in London.

Autumn in London. I wanna visit London this time of year so badly. It's a dream of mine. I wanna tour London in a little black dress paired with a flannel cardigan for the fall.

Piazza of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy

Reminds me of my time in Italy. Ohhh how I miss thee. Christmas in ITaly. Piazza of Santa Croce, Florence, Italy

Notre Dame,  Paris

Towers Of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris is a popular tourist destination in Paris. Know more about Towers Of Notre Dame Cathedral timings, entry tickets, address, nearby attractions and more!


From Bordeaux to Monaco, The French Rivera, you either fly in a private jet, (I seem to have left mine at home,) or you fly Air France