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This is a good quick refernce guide for avoiding the evil and dread plagiarism.

Kate Hart: Citing Sources: A Quick and Graphic Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism. Harry Potter characters give examples of what is/isn't plagiarizing :) This would look great in my classroom

A basic checklist for beginning writers and a valuable tool for educators.

This website is a wonderful resource for students to use for reference on many different topics including plagiarism. This anti-plagiarism checklist is an excellent quick reference when they want to ensure they are submitting original work.

No one taught you as an educator how to "fix" cyberbullying, because there is no quick fix, it can never be erased, but it can be talked out through communication. Sometimes teachers are the last line of defense for a child and although the teacher may not feel prepared to help a student on this issue, they must.

Free cyberbullying toolkit produced by Common Sense Media. Toolkit can be personalized for elementary, middle, or high school settings and includes resources for teachers and parents.

This is a cool way to get teens to think about their own online behavior.

Could YOU be the bully? Read through this flow chart and be honest with yourself. Even if you may not "bully" in the exact same way as mentioned, could YOU be the bully? Be honest. That is the HONEST TRUTH!