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The insect world is an astonishing place. So many colors, shapes and patterns. Macros of live insects are endlessly fascinating to me.
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Insects with water drops.

Insects After The Rain…or morning dew. This is not unusual since water droplets collect on the insects and they have to dry out before they can fly. OH MY GOD. SO LOVELY!

Insects with water drops.

rainbow leaf beetle, chrysolina cerealis

Chrysolina cerealis- rainbow leaf beetle.

white scarab, cyphochilus insulanus

The World's Best Photos of china and scarabaeidae

elasmucha grisea mother and nymphs

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leaf insect

Extraordinary Camouflage of Walking Leaves

dynastes grantii

King of the Branch

rhabdotis from Ethiopia

.. :: Flower Beetles - Anelaphinis :: ..

This is a perfect example of how complimentary colors (red and green) contrast with one another to make a very vibrant, stunning image.

Complimentary Colors

lycoreus allaudi

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What Insects Look Like After The Rain

What insects look like after the rain. Butterflies, dragonflies and other insects covered with raindrops, Beautiful nature photography.

What Insects Look Like After The Rain

rajah dutterfly "dragonhead" caterpillar. notice the silky lining on the leaf which the caterpillar has created for itself

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Photograph nature is a poem by yasin mortaş on 500px NED

nature is a poem

polytela gloriosae

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fungus beetle

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gaudy grasshopper, phymateus saxosus madagascariensis, limited to medium-altitude regions of Madagascar

Surreal Portraits of Wildlife in Nature

two longhorn beetles, natives of northern Thailand

Arctolamia duo

leaf-cutter ants

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ninebark beetle, calligrapha spiraeae

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brown wolf spider

Little brown wolf spider

tiger moth with red striped socks, chlorhoda tricolor

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National Geographic photo of the year

chris pine's tiny coffee

Cavallini Natural History Insects Wrapping Paper - Love all these cool wrapping paper sheets that you could frame.

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第12回 雨雨雨でお祭り騒ぎなのは?

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