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Android Games

Android Games

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Quell Reflect - Successor to the original Quell game, a must have.

Granny Smith - Strange premise, but a pretty addictive game!

iBlast Moki 2 - Really fun and cute puzzle game!

Shine Runner - Brilliant graphics right here, definitely give it a go!

Reckless Racing 2 - I'd be happy with this on my console, real depth to this glorious racing game

Reckless Racing - The original top down racer, extremely fun

Reckless Getaway - Fun racer where you try to outrun the fuzz!

Quell - Stylish puzzle game that'll keep you hooked.

Quell Reflect - Beautiful successor to the original Quell game

Pocket League Story - Another addictive game from Kairosoft, this time for the footie fans out there!

Muffin Knight - Fast-paced platform game, you'll start seeing muffins in your nightmares!

Karoshi - The objective is to die, not survive! Really fun and complex game

Hyperactive Ninja (AdFree) - A fantastic retro-themed game by some cool indie devs!

Gunman Clive - One of the more beautifully made games available for android.

Grand Theft Auto III - GTA, on your phone, need I say more?

Game Dev Story - Kairosoft make some of the most addictive games out there, this is one of them!

Greedy Spiders - A fun puzzle game that'll catch you in it's web :P

GYRO - Simple, but again, fantastic (did I mention hard?) :P

Formula Micro GP 1 F1 Game - I really like this game. It takes a while to get the hang of, but stick with it!

Flick Kick Football - The most simple games are often the best, this is no exception!

Bean's Quest - One button android game. But trust me, this is as hard as they come!

Alberi - One of my favourite ever android games. imple, but sooo addictive! Won't be for everyone though

Running Fred - Top notch android game. Gets difficult though

100 Floors - A pretty fun, and equally frustrating game!!

Hank Hazard: The Stunt Hamster Awesome puzzle type game. Comparisons made to Amazing Alex, but this is much more fun!