Just in case you didn't know this exists at Walmart for less than $4 per roll.

Inexpensive at Walmart (probably other places too)! Another pinner says "I'm about to glitter everything! Votives, notebooks (already got my iPhone charger.) No more Modge Podge and glitter nightmares!

My Student Loans are GONE. I was able to pay off around $38,000 in student loans in just seven months. Yes, 7 MONTHS! #studentloans http://www.makingsenseofcents.com/2013/07/my-student-loans-are-gone.html

My Student Loans Are Fully Paid Off

Over 9880 people liked this! Ten Tips for Better Study Habits - Tirzah Magazine. They nailed this, fantastic habits to cultivate for people in high school and those looking to further their education.


home decor hippie vintage bedroom boho indie bed retro bohemian Interior Interior Design interiors decor gypsy boho style gypsy.FUKYEA dis is wat I want my bedroom to look lik wit leopard print and cheetah shit to throw in a lil bit more of me

"DIY Rotating Goal List <--Such a good idea!" Great idea to keep yourself organized and on track with work.

How to become a morning person (without chugging coffee). This is a great post!

10 Ways to Become a Morning Person (Without Chugging Coffee)

10 Ways to Become a Morning Person (Without Chugging Coffee) ~ Levo League

DIY Beauty Treatments You Can Do in Your Dorm!

Have A Spa Day…At Home! 10 DIY Beauty Treatments!

Natural beauty tips! How to Soothe Tired Eyes by glitterandbow: The natural tannin in teabags may act as an astringent to reduce the fluid trapped in tissue under the eyes and decrease the dark circles.

college dorm room diy ideas

love the clothes pin idea! I totally dig the picture wall thing :) am soo doing this

College wardrobe essentials

Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls

Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls. The ultimate guide to what every college girl should have in her wardrobe. Includes wardrobe basics for every college student's closet.

Dorm Ideas: forget a futon! get a hammock! Bunk bed, lower bed a hammock instead

DIY photo lamp shade

The Cutest DIY Lamp—Ever!

10 Tips for Making Winter Wake-Ups Easier.

10 Tips for Making Winter Wake-Ups Easier