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Philadelphia,PA,USA  ·  Leland Fondow is a true humanitarian that cares for people in the community. For more detail visit at :- https://www.mixcloud.com/lelandfondow/
Leland Fondow
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Leland Fondow

Leland Fondow


Decide whether financial advising is right for you. Being a financial advisor can be a rewarding career, but it demands certain skills and can involve grueling hours.

Leland Fondow truly cares about his customers and it really shows in the way he has helped them over the years.

7 amazing benefits of having a personal financial advisor

Leland Fondow has been fortunate enough to have been highly recommended too many other clients which helped him become an independent financial advisor.

Senol Taskin is a freelance financial reporter who has achieved a great deal of success in the professional world; he currently lives and works in London, England.