Treasure Hunts

Pirate treasure hunts, princess treasure hunts, dinosaur treasure hunts, animals treasure hunts, Easter egg hunts and Halloween ghost hunts!
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a pirate themed birthday party with paper cutouts and decorations, including an envelope for the child's name
Pirate Treasure Hunt Party Game for Kids age 3 to 10 years
a pink princess birthday card with some paper cutouts and a poem on the front
Lello and Monkey
Princess Jewel Hunt Party Game
a black and gold striped box with a skull on it
Shoe Box Pirate's Treasure Chest
Shoe Box Pirate's Treasure Chest Craft
a white box filled with lots of gold and silver items on top of a wooden table
DIY: Treasure Chest - The Imagination Tree
DIY: Treasure Chest
there is a small toy house on the table | The official home for all things Disney
Jake and the Never Land Pirates Treasure Chest
a cardboard box filled with lots of different types of coins and confection items
How To Make A pirate Treasure Chest
Make a treasure chest
five wooden paddles with numbers on them sitting next to each other in front of a black table
Grow Me. Grow You.
Activity Treasure Huts
two young boys are playing with toys on the wooden deck in front of their picnic table
Alphabet Treasure Hunt
the contents of a crafting kit laid out on a table
Quick and Easy Scavenger Hunt
Crafty crow scavenger hunt
a drawing of a map with trees, houses and other things to see on it
Tuesday Kid Craft/Party Craft
Create your own Garden Treasure Map
the simple scavenger hunt for kids is shown in this printable worksheet
Simple Scavenger Hunt {with printable}
Simple Scavenger Hunt with printable