Music has a way of sending us to another wavelength. Music empowers us; makes me believe anything is possible, and I love that feeling. Music inspires me to think of the impossible, to hide my worries away and just jam out. Music to me is universal, not math; music can be sung in any language, even if you don't understand it. And to me that is the beauty of music.

Music takes me to another dimension. Music empowers me. Music makes me believe that even the impossible is possible. Music breathes life into my soul.

I found a CD I had burned years ago and played it by accident. And I must say it moved me in quite a profound way.

And for that one moment while the music plays you know who you are and everything you wish to be - beautiful quote, wonder who said it?

I cringe every time somebody refers to piano as my "hobby." I work to hard at it for it to be just a hobby, lol!

I can't imagine my life without music. Music, singing musical theater, anything involved in the arts isn't just something i do its my life. There isn't anything else that i love more than art

Classic Rock!!

Meeting someone with the same music taste is seriously the best thing ever

Hahaha true.

Funny cuz is true.My brain is song lyrics . and at least movie quotes

Fallen Angel ♥(I am a female fallen angel)

Fallen Angel ♥ Literally my gender, cuz normal genders are too mainstream

"cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all - 3 Days Grace" . This is prophetic in that passion has built in weights and counter measures. Passion is the deep feeling love brings to those who know there may be bumps in the road. The pain is the knowledge that while life is great a disagreement handled correctly while a pain can end up in the BEST make up sex ever !

"cause I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all - 3 Days Grace" . My playlist for Ruthless People