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Facebook Support Groups for Parenting High Needs Children

27 parenting tips for traveling with kids.

Top 25 Books for Preschoolers. Includes diverse books for learning, social emotional development and laughter for your preschool children.


Road Trip Warriors and Car Pool Line Mavens - listen up! Be sure you're always prepared for blow outs (of the diaper variety) with this Emergency Diaper Change Car Kit!

Looking for educational and fun toys for preschoolers? Check out the best STEM, Literacy, Fine Motor & Gross Motor toys for children ages 2 to 3.

Titus 2 is referred to as the keeper of the home scripture. What does this mean for a stay at home mom? Read more at

Why is crawling important for baby? From an Occupational Therapy perspective on child and baby development.

Sometimes it's easy to feel like we aren't good enough parents. There are so many demands on us, so many things pulling at our time and energy, that we may feel bad for not spending enough time with our kids, or 'being' enough for them.

Chores as Heavy Work to Help Calm and Focus Kids

Can a Preschooler Learn to Read? | Bambini Travel

Must Read Books About Sensory Processing

This letter b printable is a great children's activity for letter recognition and exposure to other early literacy skills.

Click here to read, "How Will I Juggle 2 Kids? 6 Tips to Help You Cope" :

I know that some parents hate bedtime, but it has always been such a sweet, special part of my day. I cherish the moments when I lie in bed with my girls, talking and sharing and connecting in a way that doesn’t seem to happen when the lights are on. We never deviate from our bedtime routine. Kid

Parenting a child who's always making noise can make any parent lose their cool and yell. Here's some great parenting tips to help you cope with your loud child.

Camping Ideas for Kids - how to foster a love of camping.

How Music Can Save Your Next Family Road Trip | Bambini Travel

The Inspired Treehouse - 10 Reasons to Use a Visual Schedule With Kids. Visual schedules can help with transitions, direction following, and so much more!

5 Must Have Baby Items for Road Trips AD

Fine motor skills are required all over the place in the bathroom during toileting. We break down these skills and offer suggestions to help your child master potty training! #functionalskillsforkids #pottytraining

As a school psychologist I loved teaching kids about positive self-talk. Now as a parent I am learning to model self-talk for my toddler. Read more about the importance of self-talk in kids.

A Morning Sickness Cure - Seriously. - Bare Feet on the Dashboard

When Does A Baby Roll Over and Tips To Promote This Gross Motor Skill