aww hammy :p

hahaha "They see me rollin' they be hatin'" This is a guinea pig. Not a hamster as mentioned. Guinea pigs are way cuter.


My poor husband last week lol Seriously. My poor husband thinks up is down, right Is wrong.

I must admit, this has happened!

Story of my life! Autopilot driving isn't safe -- oh well!

haha, mom would love this

This is what I'm going to tell my kids when I have them. I will not be dealing with picky eaters or making five separate meals for dinner. (Another thing my mom did, which made us more open to trying new foods).


So unbelievably true. If prison was out of the picture: murder. Murder EVERYWHERE.

so true

"Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not in fact, just surrounded by assholes.


I really wish I could see you today. I look super cute. Good hair day and cute shoes! Always seems to happen on the days you're sick on

Women are Angels. And when someone breaks our wings, we simply continue to fly . on a broomstick. We're flexible like that. my ex always inferred I was a witch, that's why its funny . cuz he's my ex .

Psychology Major Rat

Psychology Major Rat - youre a psych major so are you analyzing me right now. I wish people would stop asking me this smh


i know some people that get into that underground garage crazy :P

it's a real fear! i feel this way right before i pin!

Yes, It's a real fear! This is why I right click and click "open in new tab" haha