Trumpet Lily, Regale Jumbo from Dutch Gardens

Trumpet Lily - Regale Jumbo Each jumbo bulb will send up three stems, topped by three to seven flowers Blooms: long and across Fragrance will fill the air for weeks on end Light: Sun to Part-sun Height: Zones:

Heirloom Species Lily Black Beauty

Lillium 'Black Beauty' - Lightly fragrant, floriferous award-winner, circa has crimson-red flowers with crisp white margins and green starburst centers. HZ: [pic links to John Scheeper's Bulbs - great source]

Oriental Lily  The lily tribe is a big one, but there's no overlooking the Oriental varieties. The most dramatic lilies, they bear large, star-shape flowers in shades of white, yellow, crimson, and pink. These blooms are ideal for cutting. And many are perfumed with a spicy scent detectable from yards away. Dwarf varieties stay about 1 foot tall; traditional types can grow more than 6 feet.    How to Grow Them: Oriental lilies grow best in a spot with full sun - FYI I grow them well in zone…

The Best Summer Bulbs

Oriental Lily Powerfully fragrant and stunningly gorgeous, Oriental lilies such as the famous Star Gazer can perfume an entire garden. Oriental lilies bloom in mid- to late summer in shades of white, pink, and yellow. Theyre wonderful cut flowers, too.