Photograph newborn with object she/he can be photographed with later on ( i pinned this for my Aunt)

Photograph newborn with object she/he can be photographed with later. Something im looking forward on doing with my future kid(s)


cute baby photo idea - use baby feet as "v" to spell out love. Ladd - Baby Sofia needs a picture like this when she's born!

Christmas Tree Photo

How to take glowing christmas tree pics. just keep in mind, the higher the iso, the grainier the shot, but if there's any movement, a slow shutter speed can cause some serious blur. Find a happy medium between speed and grain.

"Two less fish in the sea" love this pic idea :)

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Cute Valentine's Day photo idea - Kim Ponsky Photography

Cutest Valentine's baby picture idea EVER! ( Could do for G with just a head shot for Valentine's Cards). i neeeeed a baby to do this with!

Such a sweet mommy/daughter pic

Bernard Family Maternity Photography Salem, Oregon

Such a sweet mommy/daughter pic to take with Clara (Maternity Photography Brandy Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall)

Make sure to get a newspaper the day of and take a picture of the rings beside the date.

take a pictures of the rings on a newspaper the day of the I just need a newspaper from our wedding day!

love sweet!

so sweet! H does this all the time for belly button comparisons :). Summer does this all the time and loves on her baby sister

Maternity photo with a toddler #Recipes

You Wish Your Bar Mitzvah Was This Fabulous

Best family maternity shoot ideas when you have a toddler and siblings to think about. Family maternity photos with toddlers and other children


Baby's first Christmas shot but without trying to eat the toxic christmas lights. Maybe with a light up toy surrounded by christmas lights!

Christmas card idea.

Anne Geddes Christmas Baby Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Find other Anne Geddes Christmas Baby pictures and photos or upload your .