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Bird friends

BIRD FANDOM (This has to be one of the top cute birdy pics.)

Male Purple Finch

The Tiniest "Snowcaps" on Earth - This shining beauty is the Snowcap (Microchera albocoronata) an extremely cute, TINY hummingbird. These little guys only reach 6.5 cm in length and 2.5 g in weight. So what does a petite bird like this do for a nest? Well, small plants and cobwebs woven together make the perfect bedding once decorated with green moss or lichen and attached to a small twig or vine.

Bird of Paradise with baby

Humming Bird in Nest

Rufous humming bird. Love these lil 2 winged guys :)

50 Photographs of Adorable and Colorful Garden Birds

Blackburnian Warbler ~ Just beautiful little creatures.

Faintail Chicks ~ a New Zealand native bird

Beautiful White, Blue and Black Bird

Totaly Outdoors: Beautiful White, Blue and Black Bird

Northern Flicker

Morning exercise...


Lesser Double-Collared Sunbird

pretty pastel bird

Fly, fly.........

Owl Mama and Baby

Mother Nature is the best stylist ever!

Strikingly Attractive Bird Photography


Bali Mynah

"Goldfinch on sloe blossom" by Dean Mason

codibugnolo truffi


colorful bird

Here - have a berry!

Barred Eagle Owl