Is it just me or does this look like the Matt Smith photo of him surrounded by lights? Matt Smith's spirit Pokemon is charmander now and nobody can convince me otherwise.

Pokemon go eier

So, you walk 2km/5km/10km in Pokemon Go and these will hatch from the eggs!

So, you walk in Pokemon Go and these will hatch from the eggs! What is the Eevee doing in the egg?


Rewatched the first Pokemon movie and felt like drawing a cute mew ^^ (I also want to draw mewtwo when I get the time) Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop<<<So cuuute.


Well, if you say so.Pokemon HeartGold: I nicknamed the Togepi that hatched from Professor Elm's egg "Toshiro" after Toshiro Mifune, because I think the evolved forms will need a heroic name. Use FLY Toshiro!


I'm out of here

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If only pokemon was real.I would have so many eevees. I would be like the pokemon "old cat lady" of eevees!


Cubone - more like CUTEbone. It's always such an adorably sad pokemon

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