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Artodyssey: MXS Fred Hatt

"My work is an art of movement, rhythm and feeling. For me what is important is not conceptual or icono.

Artodyssey: Nikos Gyftakis

WHO: Nikos Gyftakis WHAT: Self- portrait WHAT: oil paintings break down the shape of the face into contours, just like a map breaks down the lay of the land into simple lines.

oil pastel self portrait 2 by

another self portrait piece using oil pastels. took roughly hours as my final exam piece. oil pastel self portrait 2

Fred Hatt - Cherish More

need this color paper too. as well as those aquarelle crayons. Christopher by Fred Hatt, aquarelle crayon on paper, 29 x 19 Collection the artist.

If we didn't know any better, we'd think that these hand-carved paper creations were actually just floating illustrations.

Artist Parth Kothekar produces paper masterpieces with nothing more than a knife and a pair of steady hands.