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Eeveelutions + Sylveon

Eeveelution Methods

pokémon - Eeveelution Methods OMAIGAWD they added more Eevees! I shall have my Eevee Army of cuteness now!

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Yvelrai, Mewoxys, Blazinflame, Suiticuno, Learrim, Bileon, Blazichomp, Mega Scizoreigon, Dounette, Gardelure, Altanair, Milodeen, Deoxisteel, Delmagius, Sylvetta, Mega Swamgon.

This should be the next "mega evolution" mechanic, NINTENDO MAKE THIS A THING! pass it on guys!>> My favorite is the Gardevior and Chandelure fusion


Pokémon Gifs- Remember watching this vid and thinking "Why are they so much cuter when they can talk?

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The second in the set is Umbreon ^^ Vaporeon Tattoo Jolteon Tattoo Flareon Tattoo Leafeon Tattoo Glaceon Tattoo Espeon Tattoo Sylveon Tattoo People who .