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Another technique for dream awareness is the “diamond method” of meditation. When one meditates, try to visualize your life, both awake and dream-life as facets on a diamond. Some choose to call this “diamond” the Universe or “your Spirit”. Begin to recognize that life is happening all at once. It is only our “perception” that arranges our dramas into linear or “timed” order. So just as a diamond just is, each facet if viewed as an individual experience.


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This could be the equestrian trail behind Meghan's house in the Otherworld Trilogy. #BookSettings #OtherworldTrilogy


Décor de Provence: Happy Halloween!

from The Witch of Howling Creek

Samhain Ritual

The full moon in February: The Full Snow Moon...February is traditionally when the heaviest snow falls. People often dream of places they'd rather be when they sleep under a full Snow Moon...The Girl Who Chased the Moon- by: Sarah Addison Allen


Samhain Ritual

Victorian Vampire Art | Taken from Victorian Vampire Society UK's ... | Gothic, Mytholo...


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