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Leonardo Falsini

Leonardo Falsini
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The 3 genius' idea of guns. Mello chose well.

Death Note Near, L, and Mello. This one picture captures their personalities pretty good.

• death note •

Death Note, The epicness of the battle between Light and L is displayed amazingly in this picture.

Minimalist Harry Potter art prints designed by Olly Moss #HarryPotter

Minimalist Harry Potter art prints designed by Olly Moss I want to paint the Hogwarts castle on my kids wall but not make it Say Harry Potter that way they can make it whatever magical castle they want.

Per amanti(Sofia)

Here’s a unique cootie catcher printable for Harry Potter fans – An Origami Sorting Hat! Visit Get Away Today to grab this free printable and folding instructions. Get FREE access to over educational printables for 30 days!

Run by Riftress.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

It looks like a harry potter symbol. Seven, the lucky number, the dementor and the time turner. oh wait! Its the grim reaper.

Harry Potter by Picolo-kun http://picolo-kun.deviantart.com/gallery/56341906/Harry-Potter-books

"Harry Potter" by Picolo-kun The painterly style of the characters and the added backsplash complement the moleskin journal concept well. The design is also very reminiscent of Harry Potter--certainly fan art done well,

Harry Potter. all credits to _picolo! you can find him on instagram if you're interested in his work.

Like if you seen the movie! I had to include that description to show that Harry Potter is loved by even the most grammatically deficient. Thanks movies!