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Abhaya Mudra: (gesto do Destemor) simboliza a proteção, paz e a dissipação do medo.

Abhaya Mudra (Gesture of Fearlessness) symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear. I'm going up be throwing this up around town like a gang sign at baseball games! Crazy people freak me out!

linga mudra: muito útil para tosses e resfriados. Ele remove lentamente o catarro não desejado no corpo. Também ajuda a reduzir o peso. Aumenta o calor no corpo.

Benefits of linga mudra: This is very useful for coughs and colds . It slowly removes the unwanted phelgm in the body. Also helps to reduce weight. Increases the heat in the body. Lord knows I have extra phlegm right now.

COLOUR THERAPY: Guide to healing colours

Healing Colours Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Pyctsi. Find other Healing Colours pictures and photos or upload your own with Photobucket free image .

Simple, easy way to tune your chakras for the day:

Simple, easy way to tune your chakras for the day---I would submit mod. for I am innocent

Infinito Renascer: APOMETRIA

Infinito Renascer: APOMETRIA