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The Internet if full of funny pictures and quotes about dogs and cats. Here are 10 of the funniest dog images you've ever seen. I dare you not to smile.

Another suit design for a muscley werewolf type creature showing just how much and where mass is needed on the human body to alter its shape into that o.

Velociraptor Head 2 by on @deviantART

Working on the jaw opening mechanism, adding teeth and tweaking the head of my Velociraptor costume that will be debuted at DragonCon Got 4 days left to churn this out. Head is made of 2 inch.

Prosthetic hand for cosplay made out of InstaMorph - Really want to try this

Made a prosthetic hand for your cosplay costume out of InstaMorph. - i dont do cosplay but holy crap i wanna make myself a giant hand

Unpainted Werewolf Jaws [no gums] by KyraMcKinley on DeviantArt

These are for a commission, so they're not for sale, nor are they painted or have any gums yet, just some progression photos for my commissioner. Unpainted Werewolf Jaws [no gums]

Image result for tumblr nude furry tf

Here are the completed legs from my most recent digitigrade costume leg build. The materials used to create these range from PVC Pipes, Wood, Metal Sign. New Build Digitigrade Legs 1

Yaoi - Kuroko no Basuke

I hunt gifs and animations all over the web to create a fappable public collection. Hope you enjoy.