I used to take archery and the muscles I built. Also this guy had a longbow which is used for firing from the heavens rather than accuracy and that thing shredded the targets holy cow. Like right through the boss and everything.

Kurt Vonnegut: 16 Rules for Writing Fiction

Kurt Vonnegut: 16 Rules For Writing Fiction

Kurt Vonnegut on Writing Fiction: 16 rules ... You choose. The most meaningful aspect of our styles, which is what we choose to write about, is utterly unlimited. (As a writer of suspense, I dispenses with but the rest are Very Good Rules to write by.)

Or perhaps you never really know until you're told. It would be fantastically chilling. <--- that's what I'm working on right now. My readers won't realize she's the villain until they meet the heroes, and that won't be until half way through the book.

"Do monsters make war?" she asked. "Or does war make monsters?" Eddy was taken aback. Never had he heard such a small girl ask such serious questions. "Well, both, really," he replied quietly. "War destroys people, and monsters make that war."

Might switch up the order a bit if I did this, but still worth trying🖒 A Writing Challenge to take you deeper into your story, characters, and creative process. Share your experiences and writing on FB or IG!

We don't know what we'll be facing, and we get to take one thing with us. I chose my pocketknife. Yes, it's small, yes, it doesn't seem like much. But it's a trustworthy little thing. (ends up being something small that seems harmless at least at first)

hello, my name is [ hannah ] on Instagram: “I just got back from volleyball and my mom wants to go out to eat like no please I wreak of sweat and i kinda don't want to go somewhere…”