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Rainbow Loom

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Rainbow Loom

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Product The Loomatic's Interactive Guide to the Rainbow Loom - type Rainbow Loom in search box if link isn't working

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The Loomatic's Interactive Guide to the Rainbow Loom by Suzanne M. Peterson

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  • Suzanne Peterson
    Suzanne Peterson

    The Loomatic's Interactive Guide to the Rainbow Loom will start shipping late October 2013. If you’ve ever watched a Rainbow Loom instructional video and heard, “Hi, this is Suzanne for Rainbow Loom”, then you know who the author of this book is. Suzanne Peterson is the instructor in the Rainbow Loom videos and is viewed over a million times each month. The Loomatic's Guide to the Rainbow Loom is a step-by-step interactive guide to making over 50 rubber band bracelets on the Rainbow Loom. This visual method of teaching children to use the Rainbow Loom was developed by Suzanne Peterson to teach classes in her two toy stores. This method was soon adopted by many of the stores within the Learning Express franchise. In addition to diagrams, photos, and fold-out band organizer, the book uses QR codes that can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet that will take you to either a full length video or short video clip to help you learn to create your rubber band jewelry and accessories. This book is essential when you do not have access to the internet but still want to use your Rainbow Loom!

chunky chain and fishtail rainbow loom bracelet

Strawberry and Watermelon Double Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom hair clip

"Zipline" Rainbow Loom Rubber Band Bracelet

  • S Cp
    S Cp

    I looked up "zipline" and that does not look anything like the bracelet above...I really like this particular bracelets pattern and would like to know how to make it :)

  • Melia

    Convert your loom so that all the pegs are straight (not staggered) Make two single chains next to each other on the loom with two cap bands at the end. Then flip the loom, and start at the first set of bands. Loop the first band on each of your rows. Stick your hook through the two inside halls of the two bands that you looped, grab a band that you want to tie across the middle, pull it through, (this is what ties them in the middle) now you have the two loops on each side. Take the one on the right and put it on the left peg in front of it. And put the left loop on the left peg. Loop the next two bands forward. Repeat until the end then extend it!

  • Tina Munzke
    Tina Munzke

    Thanks so much but I'm lost after the looping the first two loops on each side. I don't understand once I thread the band through the two inner walls. Will you be doing a vides by any chance? Or some pictures? Thanks!

  • Barb Shows
    Barb Shows

    i so would love to make this but i too got lost after looping the 1st bands. can you make a video or even snap shots of steps that would be great. lovely bracelet

  • Melia

    I took some pics and posted them on my " rainbow loom" board.

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Rainbow loom fishtail necklace

Makena's Rainbow Loom minion!

Personalized Stretch Band Bracelets #kids #crafts #stretchband #loopband #loombracelet

Rainbow loom

Rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom triple with beads

Unique Rubber Band Bracelet with Beaded Work Magenta by JJJCrafts, $12.50

The Official Instructions for how to make the Rainbow Loom® StarBurst Bracelet - YouTube

Personalized rainbow loom bracelet Triple Single with Rings

Rainbow Loom – Hot New Craft Kit for Tweens. Back to School fun with Rainbow Loom plus win a Rainbow Loom


  • josie gorges
    josie gorges

    Suzanne, I absolutely LOVE your videos on YouTube please tell your Twistz Bandz Team. Every day I go on YouTube to see if you posted a new pattern. Thanks to you I know 47 patterns.

  • Suzanne Peterson
    Suzanne Peterson

    Jo, Thank you for the compliment! We are scheduled to release a new video each week for Rainbow Loom. I love this amazing product.

The Confetti Bracelet

  • SoKnitpicky

    Nice! What pattern is this?

  • Mona Rozycki
    Mona Rozycki

    I love this bracelet! Are there any instructions? Really want to make this one.

  • Mary Parent
    Mary Parent

    I'd really like to make this! Does anyone know the pattern?

Personalized rubber band bracelets

My nieces are hooked! Four Rainbow Loom bracelets: Two Double Single Chains and two Triple Single bracelets.

Flower Power Bracelet

  • Zanahoria12

    Love this one! Is there a tutorial somewhere?

The Taffy Twistz Bracelet

The Star Burst Bracelet by Danielle

The Star Burst Bracelet

Rainbow Blooms Bracelet made by Brenden.