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Thought this was interesting to ponder through as we explore the colors - Believe it or not, colours do not mean the same thing in every culture and religion. This infographic provides a deeper look into the meaning of colours.

This poster has an interesting use of overprinting combined with limited colour use. The photos are contained within the perimeter of the coloured shapes and the colours are overprinted on the photo. There is a lot of negative space.

2012 vimeo festival + awards poster Like the photo inlays, my school is doing a similar thing with their new branding campaign.

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I pinned this image into my space board to show that from negative whye, space you can use outline it to create an image. In this case, from the smoke, there is negative space and the smoke becomes an outline so that the space is an image of a gir

Poster Art on Climate Change: Animal Extinction / Migration | LETTERS FROM THE SKY

positive negative space, build up elements Poster Art on Climate Change: Animal Extinction / Migration

STS Step Connotations "And on the third day He rose again" (Positive) - -Cross(Negative) -Crown of thorns(Negative) -Butterfly Orchid(Positive) -Pearls(Negative)

Transparent styled Kuala Lumpur skyline detailed silhouette. Trendy vector illustration.

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#Kuala #Lumpur #City #skyline by Igor Sorokin on @creativemarket

by Igor Sorokin on

Kuala Lumpur Trendy Vector Illustration Line Art

Buy Kuala Lumpur Trendy Vector Illustration Line Art by gropgrop on GraphicRiver. Kuala Lumpur City skyline detailed silhouette Trendy vector illustration line art style

According to ancient beliefs, an upright equilateral triangle, with one point at the top and two at the base, is a male and solar symbol representing spirit, divinity, fire, life, prosperity and harmony. In contrast, the reversed triangle is female and lunar, representing mother earth, water, rain and grace.

i Like this design as it is triangles layers and placed on top of each other with different colours to give an effect of fire.