Mixed media heart collage on canvas

Mixed media heart collage on canvas

A mixed media collage of four cute hearts on canvas. It measures about 5 X 7 inches and is on a stretched artist canvas.

carabelle studio- KfxrvGXNkAkvfw9wB-vS_tJjIXeZXP1MWfIQqzHz25A

Bright neon acrylics, then stamping (the circles), then turquoise and white acrylic. Must be very opaque acrylics.

Painting & mixed media tutorials

I kind of love the simple, bold, line drawing on top of the colorful background. This would make a really neat pattern on fabric :)

Drawing an artsy bird / Dessine moi un oiseau

Mosaic Birds

mixed media collage by Elizabeth

European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) "paper painting"/collage of a bird by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson - Elizabeth's work is great & she is too :-) I took a workshop with her & it was so much fun!