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Mini band walks are a great way to train the glutes and external rotation of the femur, but they usually get butchered.

Quit Unloading During Single Leg Work

The Battle Rope exercise that blows up your back and arms!

The Battle Rope inverted row will build not only your pulling muscles but will challenge your forearms and biceps in new ways too.

10 Exercises to Fix Your Desk Jockey Posture

10 Exercises to Fix Your Desk Jockey Posture - Sitting too much usually means Desk Jockey Posture. Here's 10 easy exercises that will help reverse this and leave you feeling and moving much better.

The Most Simple Diet and Nutrition info for athletes....best healthy article I've read!

"The Simple Diet for Athletes", T Nation. Similar to our approach with a couple differences, this is another great simple approach to eating for athletic performance (not necessarily weightloss).

"You see in their final reps people show you who they really are." #Sports #Gym #Humour

I admired Heath Ledger.he was a phenomenal actor, one the world lost way too soon. Although this is not the most flattering pic, I have never seen better acting than as Heath as the Joker. besides, why so serious?