little girl with ginger hair. Blue eyes and ginger hair is the rarest combo. Most gingers have brown or green eyes.

Fait du boudin

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Lovely child                            I Love The Color of Her RED HAIR.

I'm usually against putting makeup on sick little girls but this little girl, with just those cute little red lips, she looks like a baby doll. She's such a cutie!

Jamie ¿Fils de tahlia ; 1 ans ; a 0 frère/soeurs/ nièce de Carla .

I adore his sweet angelic face and big beautiful eyes. But, for me, greatest asset would be those darling curls. The girls are gonna melt with just a glance from this sweetheart!

Petit air coquin !!!!!

OH, those beautiful eyes------An angel face from Nubia, Southern Egypt.

Too cute

Dreaming smile -one of my all time favorite things about newborn babies. I always believed that "dreaming smiles" was they went back to heaven in their dreams, just to pop in and say hi to their angel friends and God.