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Cutest Puppies Ever!

Weekly contest for the cutest puppy ever! Beginning 2/24.

I can't handle the cuteness.

Cute puppy.... in its own way.

Now this is your playboy puppy!

This is true at my house...

Puppy Grooming to the extreme. Gotta love this hairdo!

OMG Poor tortured puppy! lol

The cute stuff starts at about :50 in.

Extreme cuteness in the tiniest little fluffball of a puppy. I have no words though my daughter said it best.. AAAWWWEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Awe, the poor puppy! Think he's still there???

By a very close margin, this little guy wins the week with 27 repins and 7 likes!!

What a sweetheart of a cute puppy! This one looks like a stuffed animal!

Doggie with flower for you.

After a rough day of playing...

Yes, they invented the phrase "puppy dog eyes" because of me!

This weeks winner with: 41 likes 2 comments 185 repins "Such the loverboy!"

What you mean I can no play wit socks no more!?

Do you have any choice but to take me for a walk? I mean really... Just look at me!!!

"Skin too heavy... I can't get up!" Today's entry for cutest puppy ever!